Pedagogy of the Heart (Bloomsbury Revelations) by Paulo Freire

Pedagogy of the Heart (Bloomsbury Revelations)

Book Title: Pedagogy of the Heart (Bloomsbury Revelations)

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 1474299113

Author: Paulo Freire

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Paulo Freire with Pedagogy of the Heart (Bloomsbury Revelations)

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Pedagogy of the Heart represents some of the last writings by Paulo Freire. In this work, perhaps more so than any other, Freire presents a coherent set of principles for education and politics. For those who have read Freire's other works the book includes new discussions of familiar subjects including community, neoliberalism, faith, hope, the oppressed, and exile. For those coming to Freire for the first time, the book will open up new ways of looking at the interrelations of education and political struggle. Freire reveals himself as a radical reformer whose lifelong commitment to the vulnerable, the illiterate and the marginalised has had a profound impact on society and education today.

The text includes substantive notes by Ana Maria Araújo Freire, a foreword by Martin Carnoy and a preface by Ladislau Dowbor.